Parasail FAQ- Frequent Asked Questions


Question. Do I need any experience to Parasail?
Answer. No! We will give you a Safety Briefing and off you go!

Question. What is the minimum age to Parasail.
Answer.  Our Insurance company requires a minimum age of 5 years Old to fly.

Question. How long is the flight?
Answer. Our Flight times are a standard 10-12 minute flights. We have the longest flight times on the beach. We reserve the right to shorten flights if weather is getting bad.

Question. Can we fly together?
Answer. Yes! Most of our flights are guest who fly with another person. We can also fly up to 3 people at one time.

Question? What is the weight requirement?
Answer. Weights of guest depends on the winds. The minimum weight is 120 lb and a maximum combined weight of 450 lbs

Question. Can we fly together?
Answer. Yes! People love to share their experiences with each other in the air. We fly side by side so everyone gets a great view. Most of our guest choose to fly either double or even triple (3) as long as the combined weight does not exceed 450Lbs.

Question. Will we get wet.
Answer. No! We load and unload our Boat at a dock so you stay completely dry. If our guests would like a dip in the water they will get wet during the flight.

Question. What about the weather?
Answer. We monitor weather updates each flight. We always recommend booking morning trips. The weather is usually nice and the sea conditions are the calmest. In the event we cancel a trip because of a weather condition, Guests may Re-book at the next available time or cancel the trip and receive a refund.

Question? Do we need a Reservation?
Answer. Yes! We do recommend a reservation. Our Parasail boat departs at scheduled times and usually fills up on each trip. Making a reservation will ensure you get the amount of people on the boat at the time you would like to go. We do take walk -ins with no reservation if we have seats available at the time of departure.

Question? What should we wear?
Answer. We recommend bathing suits if you would like to get a dip in the water. Shorts, T-shirts, Cover-ups or anything casual should be fine. The cooler months guest should bring a jacket.

Question? Can I go along and watch?
Answer.  Yes! We do allow spectators on our boat at the time of departure for a reduced fee if we have availability. We only take reservations for Flyers. We do this because the USCG only allows us a maximum of 12 passengers on the parasail boat at one time. If you are a spectator and would like to guarantee your seat you may reserve as a flyer and pay the flyer price to board the boat.
Question? How long is the trip from beginning to end?
Answer. Please allow 1 hour and 45 min from the time we depart from the dock till we get back.

Question? What kind of Experience or qualifications does this company have?
Answer. Our Parasail captain has been flying since 1998 and has over 17 years of experience in the Parasail industry and flown over 85,000 people. We are one of the only USCG Inspected Parasail boats serving the Myrtle beach area. All other boats are 6 passengers vessels and do not meet the same safety requirements our vessel does. We also attend Industry Meetings in Florida and Regional Meetings here in our are with the FAA, USCG , WSIA.

Question. What is your cancellation Policy?
Answer. We Require 24 hour prior notice to cancel a reservation made on the parasail boat. There is no charge for guest who cancel before 24 hours of the reservation. Guest who cancel within the 24 hour period will incur a full charge.

Question? What forms are payment are acceptable.
Answer.  We take Cash, Visa or Mastercard.

Question? Where do I park?
Answer. We have plenty of Free Parking at our location.

Question? When are you open for Parasailing?
Answer. Parasailing normally start March 05 and runs till October 15th


How high up can I go?

For a standard flight we’ll let you out with 600 feet of line or you can go the limit and soar as high as legally allowed with our upgraded 800′ flight.